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Arcadium Technologies, LLC announces the introduction of a Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) process for small truck and trailer dealerships.

Arcadium Technologies, LLC announced that it has developed a CRM process for smaller truck and trailer dealerships. The process includes procedure implementation, database management, and customer management software similar the programs offered to larger dealerships. The CRM process leverages best practices developed by a number of manufacturers and consultants and utilizes the integration and software used by Arcadium's large CRM users. The difference is an accelerated training module which is customized for the small dealership.

"Arcadium has the unique ability to provide these services to small dealerships," said Arcadium's Managing Partner, Tim Cline. Cline said that "Arcadium's business plan has always called for picking up this segment of the market. We have the ability to do so because we do not have the huge expense structure that other CRM providers have and because we are the only CRM company totally dedicated to truck and trailer dealerships. We can do this market segment and maintain profitability where the larger, less nimble players in the market could not."

Arcadium indicated that it has always been their goal to bring CRM down market and put it into the hands of smaller dealerships who are committed to growth. The tools and consulting have not been downsized for the small dealer and additional assistance is available for the dealer whatever their needs may be. Small dealers need options and someone to be concerned with their ability to capitalize on business opportunities.

For information regarding Arcadium Technologies, LLC small dealership CRM process contact Arcadium at (877) 791-6072 or visit them on the web at

Arcadium Announces Real-time Vehicle Inventory Access for Sales users and customer internet portals.

Arcadium Technologies, LLC has announced real time vehicle inventory integration with customers' dealership management system. Arcadium's inventory system integration takes inventory access to a whole new level. Sales management no longer needs to worry about keeping the internet site inventory up to date. Sales people and internet shoppers now have the ability to search vehicle inventories and receive up to date inventory information regarding the unit(s) selected. The information displayed to the sales person or internet shopper is defined by the dealership.

The dealerships sales persons now has a valuable productivity tool which integrates to other PC based applications. Sales people no longer need access to the dealership management system or contact an inventory manager in order to obtain specifications and pricing information for their prospects. The exact information available to sales persons and customers is specified by the dealer. The system also checks for open repair orders and purchase orders pending on the vehicle and will include the estimated totals in the pricing considerations. Manual upkeep of inventory lists is no longer needed.

For the dealership real time access resolves the problem of keeping their inventory up to date on their website or with their web services provider. The vehicle inventory access can assist the dealer and web provider in two different ways. The first and easiest way is to install an internet portal to the Arcadium Secured Server at the hosted datacenter. The server will provide search screens for the customer and the customer will never know they are actually using another website. The Arcadium server will provide vehicle information up to the level of the dealer specifications (including pictures of the vehicle). The customer's information will be provided to the dealership for sales follow-up. The second web update method is by sending updated computer files to the web hosting company when inventory changes occur or at dealer specified time during the day. Either way the customer exposes his inventory to thousands of additional potential customers.

Arcadium's new inventory functionality means a whole new way of marketing is available to all dealers who were formerly locked out of the market because of the expense of these services.

Arcadium Technologies, LLC delivers Customer Relationship Management for the franchise truck and trailer dealer via ASP (Application Service Provider) Model.

Arcadium Technologies, LLC of Hurst, Texas the exclusive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider for the truck and trailer industry, announced their CRM application is available as an ASP (Application Service Provider) based program. ASP basically means dealers purchase only the use of the application software not the hardware required to run it. This significantly reduces the cost of ownership for the dealer while maintaining their customer security. The application software is identical the product offered to dealers on their own web servers. The dealership has no worry about the ASP server becoming obsolete or about being asked to purchase the same user connections over and over!

ASP lowers the initial cost of implement CRM in the dealership. Dealers pay for the implementation consulting and the expense of networking the dealer management service with the Arcadium data center. Software licenses are paid for by the number according to the number of users on a monthly basis. Users can be added or removed as business conditions change.

Data integration is the same as if the dealer was hosting the application in their dealership. Since the Arcadium product is browser based, the application works as if it was located within the dealership. All the user needs is access to the internet and a browser program such as Internet Explorer which is distributed at no charge by Microsoft Corporation. The Arcadium software is a true browser based program which fully supports downloads and uploads to other PC based applications.

Arcadium servers are located in a secure data center in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area with back-up data centers in Atlanta and Los Angeles. No other ASP provider for the franchise truck and trailer dealer offers double redundant data centers. Data is protected by a secure data link. The dealership controls access to their data.

With the addition of the ASP option Arcadium expands their commitment to the franchise truck and trailer dealer. For more information contact Arcadium at (877) 791-6072 or on the web at