Services & Procedures

Arcadium offers a varied range of services to the truck and trailer franchise dealer. Our services are designed to boost profitability, productivity, and management control in every area of the dealership. This is accomplished with expert process consulting and with industry proven customer management software.

Arcadium understands how dealers operate and understands how to apply their unique program in dealership environment. The engine behind the Arcadium is powered by Selligent®. Selligent is an internationally rated customer relationship management system designed for both business to business and business to customer management. Arcadium also has over two decades of developing and implementing technology solutions in dealerships.

Our process is focused on bringing the level of professionalism in the entire organization to a higher level. We are focused on all aspects of customer retention, profitability, and satisfaction. We are continually enhancing and updating our services and processes so our dealers have the competitive edge. The programs and services offered by Arcadium are used on a global basis and are comparable to other top tier customer relationship management providers at a fraction of the cost. Our solutions are customized for the dealer and the dealership's operating procedures.

Here are some of the services provided to our client companies:

Profit generating knowledge base with complete customer information -

Arcadium customer management gives sales associates the information needed to sell more vehicles! The system tracks the term of finance and lease contracts for sales follow-up as the contract term expires. The system can also look at service files to evaluate the service history of a customer's vehicle to project the customer entering a buying cycle. Customers can be automatically contacted by email, electronic fax, or mail to communicate special events or promotions. All of these actions happen without the need for user intervention. Just set the process up once and it happens regularly on your schedule. Dealers can also use the system to make sure that all customers are contacted according to dealership requirements.

Integrated Customer Management -

The Arcadium program is integrated into all customer facing dealership operations. This insures that data is captured properly and all dealership associates are aware of the special needs and activities of their customers. In sales operations Arcadium is used to track up-to-the minute inventory information along with pictures of the vehicles (if desired). Prospect information can be moved to the dealers billing system and in house management system as soon is a deal is reached. Parts department associates access customers through the Arcadium system and seamlessly open an invoice in their management system. In service Arcadium gives service writers, warranty staff, management and technicians quick access customer and vehicle information. Each time anyone speaks to the customer that activity is automatically noted in the Arcadium system. Arcadium even tracks payment commitments and tells accounts receivable associates who needs to be contacted.

Enterprise wide contact management -

Dealership wide customer contact policies can be set and enforced by management. Contact management is also integrated into the business process of the Arcadium system. With automated contact capture contact history is maintained with minimum intervention by dealership associates. The system will also generate action items for associates if they miss a specified contact point. Management escalation is available for all contacts and missed activities as defined by dealership.

Productivity tools and data for associates -

Arcadium makes all vehicle, parts purchase, and service history available for those who are authorized to view the data. The system provides overview and drill down detail for all customer purchases. Arcadium uses the most effective database technology available to assure this information is available when needed. Purchase history is imported from the management system.

Expert inmplementation and process engineering -

Arcadium is concerned that everyone be able to operate and get full benefit from the relationship management system. Before any purchase agreement is reached the goals for the customer relationship management system are defined and an implementation process is developed. Arcadium consultants trained in dealership operations, various dealership management systems, and Arcadium customer management will manage the project for Arcadium. Our consultant will interface directly with designated project leaders on the customer side. Arcadium consultants will review current dealership processes and integrate Arcadium into them.