Inventory accuracy is not just a goal; it’s the roadmap to operational excellence.

Inventory Management

Arcadium’s Inventory Management software takes the stress out of the most foundational piece of your business, your inventory.  We provide a centralized database for your inventory to stream in, be readily available and accurate for your team to access, manage and sell.

  • Manages on order and pending vehicles from time of order
  • Truck Paper and web site Integrations – automate getting inventory to the right place quickly  with full control
  • Tracks real-time unit cost including open and closed RO’s and PO’s
  • Mobile inventory entry – Ability to enter, photograph and submit a unit via the app.  Making the best use of your sales force’s time and efforts.
  • New Inventory Integrations with OEMs
  • Fully customizable system that allows your enterprise to search, configure and display units based on your unique customer needs.