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Arcadium Technologies, LLC provides high value, user friendly customer retention tools and processes to franchise truck and trailer dealers. Arcadium programs give their customers a competitive edge in a highly competitive business. All of the process and products offered were developed in the dealership by people who will use the product. The result is a package of high value, customer friendly tools for employees and management.

Arcadium’s staff consists of consultants with over 20 year experience in the dealership technology. New and existing customers are backed up by a team of technical specialists and senior software specialists. Since Arcadium is focused on one industry, our product is continuously updated to meet new industry standards.

Arcadium delivers their software product using two deployment methods Application Service Provider model (ASP) and traditional onsite server deployment. Using ASP allows the dealer to access the full Arcadium product suite without purchasing additional servers to run the applications. ASP users connect to an Arcadium server via a secured connection to the internet. Arcadium software also interacts with the dealership management system via the internet. The whole process works just as it would if the server was housed at the dealership only at a fraction of the cost! Dealers may also implement the product on their own in-house servers.

The core of the Arcadium software uses Selligent® as its CRM engine. With over 40,000 users, Selligent is one of the leading providers of Customer Relationship Management processes throughout the world.

The Selligent product is engineered so their products are implemented quickly, easy to use, and easily adapted to customer procedures. Arcadium took this core product and modified it for the truck and trailer dealerships. Selligent and Arcadium’s commitment to R&D insures customers will continuously have a functional and up-to-date product.

The Arcadium Customer Relationship management program uses Microsoft .NET technology and is fully .NET certified. Data extraction and insertion into a deal’s management system are based on a variety of methods depending on the system vendor and operating system. Arcadium servers are housed in redundant data centers with 24/7 support.

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